Ski Club 2020

The ski club is an opportunity for students in grades 4-6th to learn how to ski or just have fun on the slopes at Bradford.  It is a 6 week program, beginning in January. This year will come with several changes: no bus rides, no ski drop off, more mask time, and minimal use of the lodge to name some of the bigger changes. But at the end of the day the kids would be able to ski. For now, this is how a typical day would go: after school you would get your child to Bradford with his/her ski stuff, Zach would check them in and they would ski until they are ready to go home at which point Zach would check them out. Parents are responsible for drop off and pick up at Bradford.  Of course like everything this could change, but we are moving forward for now.

If you are interested in participating, please email Zach and Linda Tufts at They need to get back to Bradford soon with the number of kids, so please email ASAP. Thank you!