Square 1 Art

Square 1 Art is a go this year!!

If you’re not familiar with Square 1 Art, it is a yearly fundraiser we do that showcases your child’s artistic talents! After they create a one-of-a-kind piece of art, their artwork is then used to create unique and memorable keepsakes and gifts (and arrive just before the holidays)!

If your child has art currently, they will complete this in school with Mrs. Wood.

If not, the Square 1 Art paper and directions are being provided to those students who would like to participate but either do not have art in-person during hybrid days OR who are fully remote. These will be coming home with your child or be included during remote packet weekly pick up. This is of course OPTIONAL, but we wanted to be sure to include ALL students. Directions for completion as well as due dates are included with the special art paper.

If you have any questions or feel as though we may have missed your child (our apologies), please email us!

Happy art creating!

Special thanks to Suki Wellen for chairing this event, Mrs Wood for completing this project with those students she has in-person, and Mrs. Bellerose for all of her support!!!