Page Staff Appreciation Request

Our wonderful Page Staff have been working very hard to bring us remote learning and keep the year rolling amidst the challenges at hand. They miss our kids as much as we miss them! We will be creating a digital gift for them to enjoy during this time. It’s one way that we can say “thank you!”

If you would like to participate, here’s how it will work:

Send in a still image (not video) of your kids/ family in whatever pose suits you.

Feel free to make and hold a sign that says “thank you Page staff” or “we miss you,” but please avoid using specific names of teachers and staff members. This is a group gift and will be sent to all of the staff at Page (and will be made available to you as well).

If you do not want the photo of your children or family shared publicly, please do not send one in, but consider making a gratitude sign and taking a photo of  the sign ONLY (no faces!).

As long as we are kind and inclusive, it works! No formula here, just fun!

Send submissions to Peter Choma: and put “Page Thank You Picture” in the subject line so that nobody’s email gets lost!